A Record

I was listening to this today, and it is of course among the many things no one (even most Abox fans) has heard before, so it bears a gentle listen. I think it’s one of those records where you sit by a window while it’s raining outside, and your heart is fluttering from some pain or another.

I remember the period when these songs were recorded as a bit difficult. I had ended a relationship, my mom had come to live with us and the first signs of Alzheimers had set in. The turmoil within my circle was so great that once I recorded these, I could not revisit them for a long while. Still, the melodies seem pretty to me.

I’m going to revisit at least one song or two at some point, I just know it. For the moment, here it is for you to visit with. Maybe I will remaster the recordings for Bandcamp with proper cover art (something new), separate the songs, and a few extra tidbits as well. What do you think?

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