November 18, 2019

Time Shifter

These are the semi-final words to Time Shifter (there may be an additional set of edits when it comes down to recording). I have neglected to hear the actual demo for two weeks now. This is something I've done for many years. I tend to let a song go and come back to the demo a few weeks later to see if the energy is still there. If there is no spark, I seldom take the song into the next step. In this case, I do believe ...


November 15, 2019

The Power of 7:20 am. Really.

My day began at 7:20 this morning. I was reluctant to get out of bed, but I did not hit snooze that second time. So 7:20 it was. I did not even go for coffee or drink any yet. I went straight in, and I did not even have anything in mind, nor did I feel 'creative' in any sense of the word. But a micro-mystical moment of abundance and enlightenment was to take place.I worked on a series of 3 pieces in my kitchen. I then ...


September 02, 2019

The 1st Flexseal Printing Plate

What you are looking at is a 'painting', created almost 90% using liquid rubber as both medium and printing plate. A few weeks ago, I wrote a little article about "firsts" using experiential ideas. I was literally hinting at this discovery but put it off due to touring and recording. Realization #1 (Flexseal monoprint, acrylics, and ink on paper) I am not going to claim that I am the first painter to use #Flexseal as ...