June 03, 2020

Your Vote Counts In 2020

https://youtu.be/9y5DYDlk0pM I am not going to lie. We've been through hell and back this year, and it is only June! So much has happened, that it seems almost impossible to turn away from the news. I get that. Truly, I do. I'm not here to post my political agenda. I am neither a democrat or a republican. I'm not a socialist either. I am not a liberal, nor part of any other ism you want to ascribe to me. ...


November 18, 2019

Time Shifter

These are the semi-final words to Time Shifter (there may be an additional set of edits when it comes down to recording). I have neglected to hear the actual demo for two weeks now. This is something I've done for many years. I tend to let a song go and come back to the demo a few weeks later to see if the energy is still there. If there is no spark, I seldom take the song into the next step. In this case, I do believe ...


November 15, 2019

The Power of 7:20 am. Really.

My day began at 7:20 this morning. I was reluctant to get out of bed, but I did not hit snooze that second time. So 7:20 it was. I did not even go for coffee or drink any yet. I went straight in, and I did not even have anything in mind, nor did I feel 'creative' in any sense of the word. But a micro-mystical moment of abundance and enlightenment was to take place.I worked on a series of 3 pieces in my kitchen. I then ...