August 12, 2019

Creative Experiential Ideas

When I began painting and creating music in earnest (35+ years ago), I’d been told quite a few lies I believed as truths. But I don’t think there’s a bigger one than, “Everything that can be done in music, art, photography, etc. has already been done. All you need to do is stand out.” Bullshit. To be honest, if you stop and think about it, it has a ‘ring’ of truth in it, doesn't it? If you start an ...


June 28, 2019

A Record

I was listening to this today, and it is of course among the many things no one (even most Abox fans) has heard before, so it bears a gentle listen. I think it's one of those records where you sit by a window while it's raining outside, and your heart is fluttering from some pain or another. I remember the period when these songs were recorded as a bit difficult. I had ended a relationship, my mom had come to live ...


I have this terrible habit of blowing up every project into a much more complicated version of itself. This is because I think I'm going with the flow of my creativity to make something better. Is this true? Or am I lying to myself? I suppose this is a great time to give you a nerd warning. This is a tech post. Maybe you shouldn't read it. Maybe its me being afraid. In one afternoon, last summer, I decided that a ...