March 26, 2019

Fractal-Y Speaking.

I used to conduct my life in a set of patterns I had no idea I was partaking in. Changes never seemed to take, and everything would go from great to worse on a yearly, sometimes daily basis. Then I discovered the truth that took the blindfold off and I began to really see progress. But first... I'm going to show you how to draw a perfect tree. If you are an artist, you may say to yourself, "So easy. So simple. ...


During my morning walks, a very strange thing started to happen to me. I say strange because perhaps you will find it odd, or hard to believe, but for me, this is the way my creativity opens up. And God knows how I have missed these journeys inward to outward. I had been living having to bottle it up for a long time, having to curtail the painful feelings that come from doing the work. But why is doing the work so ...


March 21, 2019

March Madness. Not.

I think that this month has had me really busy thus far. I guess that in preparation for the first show, which will be on 4.11.2019 in Denver, I am feeling a bit of nervousness. I have not been to Colorado in over 20 years. So you could say I'm feeling a little anxiety. Then again, is this any different than any other show's heap of anxious energy? I am going to tell myself nothing actually. I was going to throw in ...