The Power of 7:20 am. Really.

My day began at 7:20 this morning. I was reluctant to get out of bed, but I did not hit snooze that second time. So 7:20 it was. I did not even go for coffee or drink any yet. I went straight in, and I did not even have anything in mind, nor did I feel ‘creative’ in any sense of the word. But a micro-mystical moment of abundance and enlightenment was to take place.

I worked on a series of 3 pieces in my kitchen. I then varnished 5 others in the garage as the layers of the ones in my kitchen were drying. Also in the garage, I added a layer to two ‘Flexseal Only’ tests prints I was trying out a few days ago. Oh, and speaking of that stuff, I created a #Flexseal printing plate from an existing one. I wanted to test a new ‘resist’ method for the liquid rubber. Satisfied with everything now drying, I took a walk along Ocean… The morning was dreary and grey.

I walked past a bus stop and noticed a book just sitting there. At first, I walked past it, but something in my gut, a feeling, a thought I could almost hear in my head said, ‘Go back and pick it up..’ So I did. To my surprise, it was a book of very intimate and candid interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

I took the book with me to my favourite rock that faces the ocean, and I read for a good half hour there (I normally like to meditate if I am able to).
To my delight and surprise, I now feel that the work I did in the early morning was rewarded to me by the finding of this book. I was meant to read it.

In it I was able to work out a few answers to some puzzling questions about myself, and where I am headed on this journey. Among those questions? Where am I going with this time I have left in my journey of life? How much time have I got? What is the nature of relationships, balance, and such? How do I focus on what is important rather than what the world expects of me? What is important before I die? And on and on…

And there was a hero of mine, mentoring me. And to be fair, I got quite a bit of a talking to by Yoko too. I understood that in her world, her life had been completely disrupted by John’s, and for the first time, I could really relate to how her need to create was devalued by those around him. I felt I was seeing into some future, some idea of it anyway, and that the tough decisions I am facing are tough because they are indeed life decisions.

But they also don’t have to be. Whatever comes next in my life is determined by me and my own concept of God. In fact, to be fair, even Yah is not standing in my way of decision. She sits back and listens intently, as a good friend should. What she does do is gently nudge me in the direction of what I need, when I need it. I call this ‘micro abundance/enlightenment’ for lack of a better word.

You could tell me that finding the book, and the way I connected the dots here to be nothing more than a set of coincidences or blind luck. You could, but I would not believe it for a second. For here I am at a cafe, writing of the experience with a sense of clear purpose. And, as I trace it all backwards, I am amazed at how perfectly run this construct really is when you can tune into it. That is the micro abundance I am talking about here.

These tiny moments of enlightenment are always present in your life. Believe it. They swim by you on a daily basis. But do you feel them? Do you see them? Can you hear that tiny voice nudging us forward in our evolution? Or do we go about without thought?

And? None of this would have happened if I had stayed in bed daydreaming about making art, but staying warm under my covers. None of it. Not even this post.

7:20 am, indeed.

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